Affordable Floatation Therapy
in Mackay

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At The Elm Tree, we believe that floatation therapy is for everybody, which is why we keep our prices competitive and affordable. Session times range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, with bookings available from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, and from 10 am to 2 pm on weekends.

Pregnancy Floatation Session

30 minutes


Floatation Session

1 hour


FS with Hypnotherapy Audio

1 hour


Floatation Session

1.5 hours


Floatation Session

2 hours



M, Tu, W, F

9 am – 3 pm


9 am – 3 pm

5 pm – 6 pm


10 am – 2 pm



Pregnancy Floatation Session

While in the tank, you will enter a state of deep relaxation. This state helps your body to reduce stress by lowering your cortisol levels, leaving you feeling recharged and reinvigorated.


Our flotation therapy sessions include everything you need for the perfect flotation experience. All you need to bring is your hairbrush and deodorant. We provide the rest!

You float in the privacy of your own room, so there’s no need for swimwear.

Floatation with Hypnotherapy

In this floatation experience, you can choose from a range of guided hypnotherapies, including. Slim n Trim; Kick Butts (smoking cessation); In Your Right Mind; Fear of Flying; Pain Away; How To Create Anything; My Study; Road To Riches; The Sleepmaker; Brain Gym; Mental Detox or StressBuster.

Bookings are Essential

As we are quite busy, it is essential that you book your session in advance.

This allows us to make sure that there is a floatation tank available for you and that it is warmed and ready to give you an unforgettable floatation experience.

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Let your troubles float away. Call us on 4944 1869.

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