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The Floatation Experience

Imagine being suspended in a bath of Epsom Salt or Magnesium Sulphate. It’s quiet and the water temperature matches your body temperature, so you feel like you are floating in mid-air.

Sounds relaxing right? Floating in a floatation tank is certainly calming, but this therapy offers more than just simple relaxation.

The extreme buoyancy that individuals experience when floating is essentially like experiencing anti-gravity. This allows those with joint or muscle pain much needed relief that they cannot get otherwise. If migraines are caused by restricted blood flow, the increased blood flow experience during a floating session may alleviate migraine symptoms and possibly even prevent migraines from starting. Floating can improve athletic performance by reducing recovery time between intense workouts.

All float sessions come with the choice of meditative music that you can switch on/off inside the tank at your leisure.

Bookings & Fees


Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Saturday & Sunday 10am – 2pm

Float Sessions:

30 Minute Pregnancy Float Sessions $50

1 Hour Float Sessions $79

1 Hour Float Session with Hypnotherapy Audio $89

1.5 Hour Float session $99

2 Hour Float session $119

Bookings are essential
This ensures that each and every floatee has their nominated session time and that the Pod is available for their ultimate floatation experience.

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